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Candy Canes 6, 7, and 8!

8 Dec

 December 6 – Share and Share Alike!

One of the best characteristics of our profession is sharing. Librarians share things freely and openly. Unfortunately, I’m as guilty as anyone in too often forgetting this fact. Libraries, library organizations, and the like are GREAT places to find archives of useful materials. One of these is the archives of webinars and resource materials from the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries. You’ll find lots of good things here related to data, the digital environment, emerging trends in research libraries, and more. 


 December 7 – “The future of libraries won’t be created by libraries.”

This is the opening line to a column, Let the Future Go, that David Weinberger, codirector of Harvard’s Library Innovation Lab and a senior researcher at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, wrote last September. I’ve written about Weinberger in past posts and really like the way he pushes us to think about information. It rubs some folks the wrong way (as this column did), but I personally like the challenges he presents. If you’re not afraid to think BIG when it comes to information and the role of libraries and other information services/institutions today, you might enjoy this piece. It will, at the very least, get you thinking.


December 8 – Datalibrarians Unite!

Datalibrarians, By Datalibrarians for Datalibrarians is a collaborative blog/website created by Celia Emmelhainz, the social sciences data librarian at Colby College in Maine. It offers up lots and lots of practical posts related to who datalibrarians are, what they do, tools they use, tips and tricks, and more. It’s a terrific resource for those working in and/or interested in this area of librarianship (which might be a bunch of people who follow my blog!). 🙂


Tune in tomorrow for more Candy Canes! 

Knowledge: It Knows No Bounds

31 Oct

Freshly back from the annual meeting of NAHSL, frantically meeting deadlines before trekking off to APHA this weekend, I wanted to at least share a little bit from the former on my blog this week. It was a terrific meeting, complete with thoughtful, thought-provoking, and engaging speakers, wonderful food and entertainment with friends and colleagues, and the not-to-be-outdone location of Falmouth, MA, right on the water. One great benefit of our region is we’ll never run out of lovely spots to hold our meetings!

Too Big to Know As has become my practice, I did some sketchnoting during the conference. Since I wrote an earlier post mentioning his book, I thought I’d share my notes from David Weinberger’s Plenary Talk here. Entitled, “Library as Platform?” it took much of the content of “Too Big to Know” and put it into the context of the role of libraries (and librarians) at this time. “Too Big” was one of my favorite books from last year. I really enjoyed getting to hear the author share the thoughts and ideas in person, and as you can see by my notes, it left me with several of my own:

Weinberger_Page_1 Weinberger_Page_2 Weinberger_Page_3 Weinberger_Page_4 Weinberger_Page_5