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Caught on Sketchbook!

20 Sep

I started a post yesterday, but it wasn’t coming together for me in my usual word-flowing way, so I put it aside with every intention to finish it today. Today, however, found me in an all-day continuing education class taught by one of my profession’s well-known and well-followed clinical medical librarians, Michelle Kraft (aka The Krafty Librarian). Michelle has been at the forefront of social media for as long as I’ve been a librarian, using whatever tools were available at the time to spread a wealth of good information to the masses. This kind of innovative spirit made her a great choice of the NAHSL CE Committee when they sought a speaker for a course on “The Evolving Librarian.”

Per what is now my usual practice, I took sketchnotes during the class. With Michelle’s permission, I share them here. Hopefully, you can follow along with no annotation from me, after all, if you can’t, they aren’t very good notes. And besides, it’s late on a Friday afternoon. I only have so much typing left in me for the week. The only comment that I will make is that the notes represent a combination of Michelle’s thoughts and my commentary. Feel free to guess which is which:

Emerging Librarian_KRAFT_Page_1


Emerging Librarian_KRAFT_Page_2


Emerging Librarian_KRAFT_Page_3


Emerging Librarian_KRAFT_Page_4