Candy Cane Countdown: Day 4

4 Dec

Here we are at Day 4, folks. Doesn’t it feel like yesterday was just Day 1? Heh…

 December 4 – Humanizing Medicine

My great friend and colleague, Brandy King (of Knowledge Linking) sent me a nice email, after reading yesterday’s post, telling me that she love the countdown idea. I told her to feel free to share any “candy canes” with me that she might want to add to the project, and she promptly offered up the blog that she puts together for the Arnold P. Gold Foundation entitled, Humanizing Medicine. Each month, Brandy authors the “Research Roundup,” to provide readers with an overview of the latest studies published in the area of humanism in medicine.

During this fall’s annual meeting of the North Atlantic Health Sciences Libraries, Inc. (NAHSL), Haider Javed Warraich, MD, a 3rd year Resident at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, gave a wonderful keynote address on this very topic. (You can find some of Dr. Warraich’s writing here.) I know that it resonated well with those of us in attendance and I’m grateful to discover the “treat” of Brandy’s work and I look forward to the regular dose of thoughtfulness that it will give me each month.

Tomorrow… visit to unwrap another treat!

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