Get the Word Out!

7 Nov

Stay tuned for a report of a really full, really engaging, and really interesting few days of learning that I experienced at the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association this week. It was a terrific opportunity and I look forward to sharing some of the insights and thoughts (and pictures – of course there will be sketchnotes) that I gleaned while there.

But first… there’s ANOTHER symposium that I have to attend to attending. Tomorrow is the 2013 Community Engagement and Research Symposium here at UMass Medical School. One of my embedded informationist assignments is on the leadership team of the CER Section of our Center for Clinical and Translational Science. I’ve been doing some work for them around the topic of research impact and research dissemination, so I thought I’d submit a poster for the symposium. It got accepted and I’ll be presenting it tomorrow, but you don’t have to wait. Here’s a preview for my readers:


HUGE thanks to my friends and colleagues, Kristi Holmes, PhD and Cathy Sarli, MLIS, for being leaders in our field in the area of documenting research impact. If you’re unfamiliar with the Becker Model, check it out. It’s a valuable tool and helping researchers better understand the many ways in which they can share their work is a perfect role for librarians to assume.

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