Chorus of Hope

5 Apr

Happy Day 5 in my COVID-19 30-day creativity challenge, everyone! Here’s my first of two songs that I’ll come up with today to get me back on track. This is really more of a song-lette (songella?) – whatever it is that you call a mini-song. It’s not really finished, as I can see other verses coming in time, but for the purposes of this exercise, it’s good to go!

The first line – and part of the inspiration – comes from some friends. For the past several years (and I sure hope this year, too!), I’ve gotten together with 3 other women who I went to seminary with more than 30 years ago now. We enjoy an extended long-weekend together, usually in a house on a lake, basking in the grace of good friendship.

We’ve also established a few rituals that we’re sure to include in each weekend. One of them is to write poems following the form known as Renga. This is a collaborative form of poetry where each person writes a line without seeing what anyone else has written. It’s astounding the beauty that can come from them. (Equally, as I was reading some of them for inspiration, I was laughing out loud at some of the lines we’ve written.)

In a word, it’s a song about hope. May you keep hope during these days, friends.

My Best Friend

4 Apr

Oh no!! I missed a day already. A two-day streak isn’t much to write home about. All the same, I’ve got a 3rd song for my 30-day COVID Creativity Challenge right here and I’ll either post another tonight or two tomorrow.

This song came to me this afternoon as I was out in the park with my dog. One thing that I’ve noticed about these days of “STAY HOME” warnings is that there are a lot of people outside. Kids on bikes, folks running, lots of families walking together. It’s another one of those silver linings to a bleak time. I like it.

So here’s a song for my best friend who gets me outdoors every day!

Everything is Cancelled

2 Apr

I made it to Day 2 of my COVID-19 Creativity Challenge, friends! It’s a really difficult time, I know, and maybe writing silly songs or making art or any creative endeavor you choose may not seem that important, but I believe they’re a lifeline to get us through these days.

Today I wrote a song, somewhat based on some advice that I read in a letter that Dr. Mary Ellen Lane, the Dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at UMass Medical School, wrote to the students of her school as they prepared to be away for an unknown amount of time. She encouraged them to take this unexpected time to do things that they might not be able to do like “read voraciously.” I’ve found that I have had the time to read more – both for work and for pleasure. I’ve been able to take longer walks with my dog. I’ve actually enjoyed cooking a little bit. And of course, now, I’m doing this activity and it makes me (1) write a bit, (2) pick up a musical instrument, and (3) be back here on my blog.

I guess what I’m saying is that despite all the legitimate bad news of the days, if we wish, we can make something good out of it. That’s what the song is about today.